Using Artificial Intelligence to Assess Difficulty Level of Ultrasound Examinations


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The use of ultrasound is rapidly expanding across virtually all levels of medical practice. Ultrasound is a very operator-dependent modality compared to other imaging modalities like CT and MRI. To ensure a high level of medical practice as it relates to ultrasound use, it is essential to be able to adequately assess the competency level of those using ultrasound.

Invention Description:

Artificial intelligence will be used to assign an ultrasound scanning difficulty level (SDL) for individual patients. This will be done based on the physical characteristics of the patient and how they interact with ultrasound waves to determine the difficulty level of scanning and acquiring quality ultrasound images. Results from this AI determined level could be used to assess competency of ultrasound users, create more objective testing of ultrasound knowledge and skill, improve patient workflow, and help create better ultrasound simulation and gamification of ultrasound learning.

Potential Applications:

Ultrasound is the fastest growing imaging modality in the world and hand-held ultrasound devices are likely to become the smart stethoscopes of the 21st century. They will be used by everyone who uses a stethoscope today, including nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medics, physicians, and others in medicine and education. All these users should be trained and assessed for competency in the use of ultrasound to ensure high quality patient care.

Advantages and Benefits: 

There will be several competitive advantages to those companies licensing this patent. Most, if not all, ultrasound manufacturers will likely be interested. Advantages would include having an ultrasound system that could assess scanning difficult level of patients and assist in documenting ultrasound level of competency of users for facility accreditation and practitioner credentials and privileging, enhanced workflow, improved patientcare, and more appropriate use of ultra-sonographers to improve patient care. Ultrasound accrediting bodies as well as schools of sonography and health professions would be interested in devices with this capability to more efficiently and effectively assess competency of those in training and seeking certification.




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