A Method to Increase and Control Carrier Lifetime in SiC


Reference #: 00694

Invention Description:

This invention is a method to use Silicon Carbide (SiC) epilayers for bipolar devices, which gives the user control of the carrier lifetime.


Until now, there has been no method for controlling or improving the carrier lifetime using the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). Carrier lifetime is a key parameter of bipolar devices. A long life is useful for modulating the conductivity, while a shorter lifetime is better for switching devices with lower switching losses. Therefore, it is incredibly important to have a controlled process where a short or long lifetime (depending on the application) can be achieved. This invention gives the user that control.

Potential Applications:

The process will be most effectively utilized in the creation of high voltage bipolar power SiC devices, which require a low on-state voltage drop. Bipolar devices such as PiN diodes, BJTs, IGBTs can use this technology to substantially lower their on-state resistance by increasing the minority carrier lifetime of the drift layer.

Advantages and Benefits:

The main advantage of this process is the cost saving in terms of no additional system requirement other than CVD reactor. Also, the lifetime can be controlled according the need of the final device requirement.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Methods of Growing a Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Layer on a Substrate to Increase and Control Carrier Lifetime Utility United States 12/876,729 8,574,528 9/7/2010 11/5/2013 3/21/2030  
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