Deep-scaling of deep ultraviolet micro-sized emitters and modular interconnection thereof


Reference #: 01529

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for Deep scaling of deep ultraviolet micro-sized emitters and modular interconnection thereof.


One of the main problems with deep ultraviolet (DUV) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is that they get hot while they are operating, limiting the amount of power that you can put in the LED and limiting how much light the LED can produce.

Invention Description: 

We have greatly alleviated this thermal management issue for DUV LEDs by shrinking down the size and equipping them with an effective built-in heat-sink which allows them to continue to efficiently produce light as the input power is turned up. Our device was able to produce significantly more light for its size.

Potential Applications:

Germicidal and Virus Killing, Water purification (Large-scale and point-of-use), Sterilization of surfaces (ex. Refrigerators, Drinking glasses at bars and restaurants), Deep ultraviolet optical communications, Polymer curing, Sterilization of food, Micro-scale light emission source and/or detector for DUV photonics integrated circuits

Advantages and Benefits:

Invention greatly improves device thermal management over current-art, reduces light absorption from n-contact metals and increases external quantum efficiency over current-art. Technology increases peak output power from increased efficiency and improved thermal management while increasing brightness (W/cm2) and decreasing in dollar-per-watt cost.

Patent Information:
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Technology Commercialization
University of South Carolina
Asif Khan
Richard Floyd
Mikhail (Mike) Gaevski
M.V.S. Chandrashekhar
Grigory Simin
light output power
micropixel LED
micro-sized LED
Size-dependence of spectral stability
Thermal management
ultraviolet LED
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