Projection System for Visual Morphing of Patient Disease


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Many patients fail to truly understand the implications of their condition. They sometimes neglect how their disease can progress and thus do not prioritize their medications and needed lifestyle changes. This can lead to patients not being adequately motivated to take better care of themselves and being compliant with prescribed medical regimens. 

Invention Description:

The invention is a patient education tool consisting of a system for projecting and displaying a patient’s disease state using the patient’s own medical image and artificial intelligence. The projected disease state can be compared to the patient’s present state of health. The System and the created databases will provide material for patient education, healthcare provider education, and medical research. This will lead to more informed and better decision making, better healthcare outcomes, and decreased healthcare costs. Visual assessment and outcome projections based on big data and deep learning will allow for more personalized and precise medicine to be practiced. The system and its databases can also be used as research tools to assess the effectiveness of specific treatment regimens and understanding of the disease process.

Potential Applications:

The market would be exceptionally broad and include many aspects of healthcare including patient education, healthcare provider education, and general public education. From a healthcare provider education standpoint, the market would include hundreds of medical, nursing, and physician assistant schools throughout the USA. The market would also include virtually all medical device/equipment manufacturers that work with visual data. These would include medical radiology imaging companies and those that make ophthalmoscopes for fundoscopic eye examinations, and many others. There would also be a market among the many medical researchers who use visual outcomes in their research.

Advantages and Benefits:

This invention would give healthcare systems, providers, and educational institutions distinct advantages by providing patients and learners with a novel approach to medical care and learning. It would also likely improve the quality of care and satisfaction of patients, providers, and learners. It would separate those who license the product from its competition.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Projection System for Visual Morphing of Patient Disease Utility United States 17/183,663   2/24/2021     Filed
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