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According to Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) statistics, approximately 1.7 million Americans contract infections during hospital stays, and 99,000 deaths are attributed to these infections each year. Most of these hospital-acquired infections could be avoided if hospitals maintained stricter infection control measures. Simple strategies such as washing hands before touching each patient and making sure bedding is cleaned, for example, go a long way to ensure a safer environment.

The risk of acquiring infection in healthcare facilities (HAI) has increased in recent years for both the patients and the staff. Infection control practices are often ignored and overlooked because they are so basic. Infection puts everyone at risk. Infections can spread from and to staff, patients, and visitors. Infections are costly. They can be painful and cause complications. Nosocomial infections can even cause death. It is for this reason that there is a need to explore every measure of control to tackle the problem of infection.

Invention Description:

The subject invention is a sanitary dispenser handle to help minimize infection. The handle ensures improved infection control for applications that normally promote spread of infectious disease and effectively eliminates this infection vector when properly used. The handle is designed for easy installation and use, and it is cost effective as well as effective in reducing HAI.

Potential Applications:

The invention is to be used with doors, curtains, and other closures. It ensures improved infection control for applications that normally promote spread of infectious disease, effectively eliminating this infection vector when properly used. Targeted applications include, but are not limited to, hospital room curtains, bathroom doors, sanitary fixtures, waste disposal receptacles and related doors.

Advantages and Benefits:

  1. These inexpensive sheets of sanitary material are easily installable and easily disposable/removable once installed.

  2. The strip is designed to enable the complete removal of each disposable sheet with one hand. Each sheet can be individually removed in a serial manner via pulling the single tab portion on the top of the sheet/assembly vertically downward.

  3. If the situation calls for it, each sheet may be treated with an indicating material that changes colors or otherwise alerts the user that it needs to be removed.

  4. Each sheet may be treated with a sanitizing, antibacterial material to promote a sanitary surface.

  5. The design of the spring clip fixture enables quick and easy fixture to the curtain as well as quick and easy removal of the fixture (ideally with one hand).

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Touch Point Area Disposable Contamination Barrier Dispensing Device Nationalized PCT United States 14/420,523 10,231,581 2/9/2015 3/19/2019   Issued
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