A Method of Eliminating Forward Voltage Drift in SiC PiN and PN Diodes


Reference #:  00385

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Invention Description:

This invention is a novel method for fabricating SiC PiN and PN diodes that do not experience voltage drift during operation. This new process involves the formation of a linearly graded, deep pn junction resulting from diffusion of acceptor impurity into a substrate, particularly a SiC substrate. Inventors have discovered that a deep and linearly graded doping concentration profile in the pn junction region reduces or eliminates degradation of forward voltage drop. Having a linearly graded concentration profile prevents lattice stress that result in structural defects responsible for diode degradation. The SiC based PiN and PN diodes produced by this method will yield better performing semiconductors with enhanced stability and reliability.

Problem Solved:

The current technology of Silicon Carbide (SiC) PiN and PN diodes consistently exhibits a degraded forward voltage drop under constant forward current density during use. The above problem is primarily related to material defects that occur in the material manufacturing process. Failure rates in the fabrication of SiC diodes have been reported as high as 80%. The end result is an unworkable PN diode. This disadvantage of the present state of the art of SiC diodes has prevented their commercialization.

Potential Applications:

The improved SiC PiN and PN diodes are especially suited for extreme conditions, such as high temperature and high radiation (e.g. in space and nuclear reactors). This improved technology may also open up opportunities for use in industrial and military applications.

Advantages and Benefits:

1.    Cutting edge SiC diode technology that has already been recognized as the next generation semiconductor material to replace Silicon for high power and high frequency applications

2.    End product is a SiC diode with enhanced stability and reliability

3.    End product is suitable for more rigorous application environments than the current technology

4.    This production method addresses a primary roadblock that has prevented commercialization of SiC diodes in the past

5.    This product promises to exceed the performance of existing technology and is applicable for use in space, nuclear reactors, industrial, and military applications.

Patent Information:
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