Metal-free Carbon Catalysts for Oxygen Electroreduction in PEMFC Cathodes



Reference #:  00527

Intellectual Property status:

Patent has been issued for this technology: U.S. Patent 7, 629, 285. The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities.

Potential Applications:

Can be used as a catalyst in a PEM fuel cell.

Advantages and Benefits:

This metal-free carbon catalyst is cheaper to produce than the traditional metal based ones. This technology produces the same four-electron pathway as a metal catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction while also increased activity and selectivity, with no performance degradation in the fuel cell using this technology.


Invention Description:

This technology is a low-cost method of synthesizing and characterizing non-precious metal and metal-free catalysts with high activity and selectivity for oxidation reduction reaction.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Carbon-Based Composite Electrocatalysts for Low Temperature Fuel Cells Utility United States 11/930,322 7,629,285 10/31/2007 12/8/2009 10/31/2027  
For Information, Contact:
Technology Commercialization
University of South Carolina
Branko Popov
Nalini Subramanian
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