Polymer-Coated Silver Vanadium Oxide for High Performance Primary Lithium Batteries


Reference #:  00522

Invention Description:

Traditionally silver vanadium oxide (SVO) is used as a positive electrode in lithium batteries due to its high gravimetric/volumetric energy densities. There are two methods to producing SVO, the decomposition method and combination reaction method. This invention utilizes the combination reaction method to achieve a high performance polymer/SVO composite. It is an object of the present invention to provide a novel method of synthesizing hybrid composites of a specific polymer and SVO to increase discharge capacity and improve rate capability of the SVO electrodes.

Potential Applications:

This invention can be used for batteries for implantable cardioverter-defibrillators.

Advantages and Benefits:

The decomposition method usually involves silver nitrates/nitrites and has toxic byproducts when producing SVO.  The method developed in this invention allows for production without toxic byproducts and produces a well-crystallized SVO with higher surface area.  Polymer-coated SVO can be produced in an acidic aqueous media without oxidizing additives. The polymer/SVO composites developed herein have been reported to markedly increase energy density and power capability



The coating has been developed and tested on batteries.


X-ray diffractometry, Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy, thermo-gravimetry and galvanostatic discharge experimentation, were used to evaluate the structures, compositions and electrochemical performance and found that discharge experiments showed that the composite electrodes with 7.0 to 12.5 wt% polymer yielded higher discharge capacity and rate capability when compared to the pristine SVO electrode.  The utilization studies indicate that the polymer facilitates the interfacial charge transfer and improves the utilization of the composite electrode.


Publications: http://www.che.sc.edu/faculty/popov/drbnp/website/publications_pdfs/web10.pdf

Patent Information:
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4. Methods of Making Polypyrrole and Silver Vanadium Oxide Composite Nationalized PCT United States 12/090,292 8,133,611 4/15/2008 3/13/2012 11/27/2028 Issued
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