Multi-Dimensional Credentialing Using Veiled Certificates


Reference #: 00772

Invention Description:

In a time when securing personal information is of utmost importance, this system is the newest level of internet protection. The veiled certificate (VC) is the only credential approach that satisfies regulatory and reporting needs, while at the same time functions as an anonymous, multi-dimensional credentialing tool. The VC makes it possible for third-party recipients to authenticate individuals’ credentials (e.g. social security number and proof of insurance) without providing direct access to the information. Third party recipients can, therefore, never expose the user’s identity since they don’t have access to it. The VC decreases the likelihood of system breaches because and VCs that the attacker may expose during a breach contain no personal information and are of little use to the attacker. The VCs are simple to implement within the existing x509 standard

Potential Applications:

The VC utilizes existing technology and can be used with smart cards, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smart phones. Eventually it may be possible to add biometric access control (such as fingerprints) to the list of protected information or as a way verify a VC. Other services who could utilize this technology include regulated systems, such as the medical records that hospitals are required to keep and control by law.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Prevents the receiving party from ever having access to personal information

  • Discourages hackers, because without direct access to personal information, such as a social security number, then there is no reason for them at attack a sites

  • Can be implemented within the existing X509 standard, making the transition easier than implementing an entirely new system.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Multi-Dimensional Credentialing Using Veiled Certificates Utility United States 12/643,364 8,468,355 12/21/2009 6/18/2013 8/1/2031  
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