Software and compact hardware for logging power consumption of portable equipment


Reference #: 00927

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for this technology.

Potential Applications:

  1. Power logger for synchronous monitoring and logging of power consumption in portable electronic equipment

  2. Specifically designed to be compatible with military radios such as PRC-152, PRC-153, PRC-117 and a whole range of other equipment

Advantages and Benefits:

A wide range of advantages including low power consumption, long duration data logging (up to 100 hrs.), high accuracy real-time clock, and unique device identification number

Invention Description:

The subject invention includes both a hardware and software for logging the time history of electric power consumption in portable electronic equipment such as radios. The measurement and recording circuitry and software are adaptable to a range of equipment and capable of long-duration (~100 hrs.) data logging at sub-second data intervals. The hardware can be packaged in many configurations in order to conveniently fit between the equipment and its associated battery (or other) power source. The firmware and end-user software provide simple management of data and settings through USB interface or SD card reader.

Patent Information:
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