Integrated Hazard Assessment Tool (IHAT)


Reference #: 00889

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Potential Applications:

Rather than bogging users down in the process of spatial data collection, analysis, and mapping activities, the IHAT will ultimately enable planners and analysts to spend more time creating effective planning and mitigation strategies and programs based on sound scientific (geospatial) analysis.

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Data and outputs are not only easily ingested into federally-mandated hazard mitigation plans, but the data also enables users to easily compare within and between places.

  • Because the IHAT leverages standardize data and mapping outputs, the time required for oversight and comparison is dramatically reduced.

Invention Description:

Dr. Cutter and her research team have developed a web-based tool that permits users to develop natural hazard and social vulnerability assessments for South Carolina communities. The Integrated Hazard Assessment Tool (IHAT) provides data on natural hazards frequency and monetary losses from them, as well as population characteristics and locations of critical services and facilities needed in disasters (e.g. hospitals and schools). The tool also provides a methodology for integrating social and natural hazard data. Lastly, the tool enables the production of customized mapping of the vulnerable populations and their relationship to hazard zones and the export of such maps for hazard mitigation planning, a federal requirement for disaster relief resources. The IHAT greatly minimizes the time and effort it has historically taken to complete a hazard assessment because it utilizes enterprise-level database design and analysis techniques, as well as the delineation of outputs that support both all-hazard assessments and the identification of vulnerable populations.

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