Mixed Carbonate-ion and Oxide-ion conducting membranes and reactors for H2 production with zero CO2 emission


Reference #: 00856

Invention Description:

Steam reforming of methane is the most common hydrogen production method in commercial use today. However, one of the major byproducts of the steam reforming process is CO2, a significant contributor to global warming and climate change.

Capturing CO2 has therefore become a paramount task for the hydrogen producing industries. This technology involves a novel process that produces pure hydrogen without emissions of CO2.

The overall system description and necessary modifications/variations would require limited technological sophistication. The feedstock of the system is methane and the product is pure hydrogen. No CO2 is emitted to the atmosphere.

Potential Applications:

Steam reforming processes where carbon capture and by-production of CO2 are major potential applications

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Low tech solution to a high cost and energy intensive problem

  • The production of large amounts of CO2 during the steam forming process would be eliminated resulting in massive cost savings that would have been invested on carbon capture.

  • Elimination of potential risk of legal and regulatory defaults on climate change regulation and threat of reputational damage

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Membranes and Reactors for CO2 Separation Utility United States 13/181,987 8,506,677 7/13/2011 8/13/2013 2/12/2032 Issued
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