A Software Tool for Computing the Net Present value of Carbon Credits for Tidal and Constructed Wetlands


Reference #: 00825

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Potential Applications:

• Evaluating ROI for wetlands restoration projects

• Real estate valuation

• Determining future carbon credits (up to 100 years)

Advantages and Benefits:

The model provides a means of evaluating the value of existing wetlands or the projected value, in terms of carbon credits, of wetland restorations.

Invention Description:

State, regional, national, and international initiatives are rapidly being implemented to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through cap-and-trade systems. Carbon offset protocols are essential for any carbon trading program, which requires development of reliable, quantified performance standards. Sale of carbon offsets from conservation or restoration of tidal wetlands could be a significant source of revenue, with billions of dollars of offsets expected to be sold in the next five years.

Dr. James Morris has developed a model and software tool that provides a scientific framework to guide wetland climate change mitigation and adaptation policies. This software forecasts the capture of carbon by tidal wetlands for sea-level trajectories defined by the end-user and computes the net present value.

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Systems and Methods for Modeling Wetland Carbon Accretion and Calculating Tax Credits Related to Same Utility United States        
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