A Method and Apparatus for Slicing Hard, Brittle Materials


Reference #:  00465

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Invention Description:

This novel invention involves both a method and apparatus for the slicing of ingots, particularly silicon carbide (SiC) and hard brittle materials. The cutting machine provides a high cutting speed of the ingot.

Advantages and Benefits:

There are many advantages to this technology, including the following:


(1)         the wafers produced by this method exhibit low total thickness variation and low depth of surface damage;

(2)         the proposed method is a single step process as opposed to current two-step process;

(3)         the surface after slicing is ready for polishing - no lapping step is required;

(4)         the system is easy to use and is simple in design; and

(5)         multiple crystals may be cut simultaneously


Potential Applications:

This method of slicing hard, brittle materials produces cuts from a bulk material, or wafers, from hard semiconductor ingots as well as other crystalline and ceramic materials.

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