Hand Waving Based Mutual Authentication for Drone Delivery


Reference #: 01533

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When a drone is delivering a package to a user, it has to make sure the person waiting there is the real user. Similarly, when a user uses a drone to send a package, she needs to make sure the drone approaching is the valid one, rather than one controlled by an attacker. Thus, we need mutual authentication between the drone and the user.

Invention Description: 

This innovation proposes to use the correlation between the drone and the user for authentication. Specifically, the user naturally and casually waves her hand a few times. Without enrolling or using any biometrics, the user and the drone can make use of the collected data to conduct highly accurate mutual authentication.

Potential Applications:

The innovation can be used for the purpose of authentication for the drone delivery purpose. With this invention, the delivery company does not need to deploy any infrastructure, such as lockboxes. It can accelerate the deployment of drone delivery especially in suburban and rural areas. Plus, a user can send or pick her package directly on her lawn, without driving to a lockbox nearby.

Advantages and Benefits:

Technology lower expenses, increases productivity, efficiency and accuracy, minimizes risk, simplifies a process, overcomes a defect, increases revenue, promotes safety, and is much more secure and usable.

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