Scalable Method to Produce Single-Atom Catalysts on Support Substrates


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Useful chemicals are widely synthesized by homogeneous transition metal-catalyzed reactions. However, the aggregation and precipitation of atomically dispersed catalysts cause considerable loss of activity. This has spurred interest in the heterogenization of atomically dispersed catalysts to impart stability and facilitate recyclability. The current synthesis methods are not scalable and do not yield a high density of single atoms on the support.  

Invention Description:

We provided insights into the catalyst synthesis procedure that was not clear. As a result of our finding, we developed a general scalable synthesis method for high densities of single metal atoms in a supported catalyst. The single-atom catalyst has the highest utilization of precious metals in the catalyst. Single-atom catalysts are highly active and supported isolated atoms featuring unique reactivity.

Potential Applications:

The microenvironment modulation of SACs would provide great help in the deep understanding of the microenvironment activity relationships and underlying catalytic mechanisms associated to different electrochemical reactions.

Advantages and Benefits:

Our synthesis method is scalable and yields a very high density of stable single atoms on the support. Our technology is a general, low-cost, simple, scalable, and highly efficient synthesis method for catalysts with high densities of stable, isolated atoms. This technology uses industrial-grade materials and catalyst synthesis methods to produce a state-of-the-art novel single-atom catalysts. Our technology is even faster than regular industrial methods of catalyst synthesis. 

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Scalable Method for Production of Supported Catalysts Utility United States 17/830,692 11,772,089 6/2/2022 10/3/2023   Issued
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