System for Monitoring and Maintaining Separation among Pets, People, or Objects


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The current state of the art for fencing in pets electronically is to have a powered transmission source (either a continuous wire, or a stand-alone charged or wired pod), and a receiver collar on the pet. This solution works well to keep pets in a desired zone. However, within that zone, different pets could still interact with each other in ways that could be harmful or unpleasant.

Invention Description:

The idea proposed herewith creates a new paradigm, wherein the protected pet will wear a collar (or otherwise carry a device) with a transmitter, and the more aggressive pet will wear a collar with the receiver. The outcome is that the static zoning of today's state of the art will be replaced by the dynamic zoning of the proposed solution, wherein the protected pet will always be at the center of a zone of protection which is dynamically attached to the pet.

Potential Applications:

The invention can be adapted for maintaining distance between pets, or objects or humans. For example: The invention could be placed on a trash can that is occasionally moved curbside, or a car, on an infant or its carriage or cradle, etc.  After proper certification, the invention could even be placed on humans: useful applications may include prisons, schoolyards, people with restraining orders from others, etc. Also, the paradigm can have application to swarms of autonomous robots.

Advantages and Benefits:

The “corrections” do not necessarily have to be delivered through electric shock (alternatives could include unpleasant noises, monetary fines accrued based on time spent within certain distances, vibration, text alerts, etc.)

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
System for Monitoring and Maintaining Separation Utility United States 17/124,620 11,357,211 12/17/2020 6/14/2022   Issued
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