A Direct Methane Fueled Thin Film SOFC Technology


Reference #: 01501

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Fuel flexibility is an attractive advantage of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology; however, carbon deposition issue with widely used Ni-cermet anodes in hydrocarbon fuels seriously limits its long-term stability. While alternative anode materials have been developed to overcome this issue, none of these materials demonstrates electronic conductivity and (electro) catalytic activity that can compete earlier versions of this technology.

Invention Description:

A novel technology to convert hydrocarbon fuels into electricity in a clean and highly efficient manner.

Potential Applications: 

The technology has wide applications for civil, industry, military, and government entities that need clean energy technologies that converts hydrocarbon fuels into electricity directly.

Advantages and Benefits:

The design can significantly reduce expenses of the device and improve energy conversion efficiency, enhance stability and long-term durability.

Patent Information:
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Technology Commercialization
University of South Carolina
Xingjian Xue
Chunlei Ren
carbon deposition prevention
direct methane
inert structured substrate
microtubular SOFCs
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