Lebesgue-sampling-based battery whole-service-life SOC estimation using simplified first principle model


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Traditional state of health and state of charge estimation is mainly based on the electrochemical model or equivalent circuit model of Li-battery. The electrochemical model can describe the internal electrochemical reaction mechanism of Li-battery accurately, but the computation is high, which hinders embedded applications. On the contrary, computation of the equivalent circuit model is low, but it cannot simulate the behavior of Li-battery accurately.

Invention Description:

The innovation overcomes the high calculation of the SFP model of Li-batteries. Meanwhile, it maintains the SFP model’s high fidelity to describe its internal electrochemical reaction mechanism accurately, which enables the realization of embedded online applications possible. The proposed framework enables accurate SOH and SOC estimation based on the initial condition update method during the whole-life-service of Li-batteries.

Potential Applications:

The battery is a critical component of industrial systems, electric cars, and aerospace areas. Hundreds of companies around the world are conducting related works on the Li-battery. The Li-battery has a bright future, and it will change our world due to its high energy density, voltage capacity, and lower self-discharge rate than other rechargeable batteries.

Advantages and Benefits:

The proposed invention combines the advantages of SFP and LS method, which results in low computation and small uncertainty accumulation. Compared with traditional SOH and SOC method, the proposed SOH and SOC estimation method in this patent significantly improve the efficiency, simplify the process, and improve the accuracy.


Patent Information:
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Lebesgue-Sampling-Based LI-Battery Whole-Service-Life SOC Estimation Using Simplified First Principle (SFP) Model PCT United States PCT/US2021/65454   12/29/2021     Expired
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