Methods for Wideband Index Modulation Based on Chirp Signals


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Chirp can provide robustness against distortions due to the non-linear components in a radio-frequency chain, for example a non-linear power amplifier. They also provide good correlation properties. Hence, they are useful for both radar and communication applications. One of the challenges with using the multiple chirp signals for communications is that the peak-to-mean-envelope-power ratio (PMEPR) can be high when multiple chirps are transmitted simultaneously, which reduces the transmit power. On the other hand, for a practical system, guaranteeing that PMEPR is less than a certain threshold can increase link reliability and link distance.

Invention Description:

One way of achieving this is to limit the number of simultaneously transmitted chirps. However, increasing spectral efficiency under this constraint is also another problem. In our invention, we address this issue.

Potential Applications:

The invention is particularly beneficial for dual-radar-communication systems or low-power networks. The potential applications of the disclosed invention are military communication systems, radar systems, commercial low-power communication systems, e.g., IoT networks, short-range wireless sensing as in IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi, and utilization of cellular signals, e.g., Fifth Generation (5G) New Radio (NR), for radar purposes while providing communications.

Advantages and Benefits:

Technology increases battery life and communication link distance while maintaining low-complexity operations at transmitter and receiver. It also improves the spectral efficiency under peak power constraints.

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