Methods for Reliable Chirp Transmissions


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To increase the reliability and security of communication systems the communication link must be established over multiple bands, e.g., L-Band (1-2 GHz) and C-Band (4-8 GHz) for aeronautical networks. On the other hand, simultaneous use of multiple bands can cause large instantaneous power fluctuations at the input of the power amplifier of the radios due to the constructive or destructive additions of the signals on different bands. This issue reduces the power efficiency of the overall aeronautical communication system, which leads to a shortened battery life and a smaller communication range for many power-limited devices such as drones in aeronautical networks. New multi-channel power-efficient modulation schemes for multi-band/multi-channel transmission need to be developed. Besides, methods for multiplexing and/or low-complexity transmitters/receivers are needed.

Invention Description:

The methods in the disclosure increase the reliability of multi-chirp or/and multi-band based communication systems by decreasing the instantaneous power fluctuation at the transmitter through special properties of the sequence and DFT-based waveforms. High instantaneous power fluctuation reduces the power efficiency of a communication system. The inventions in this disclosure allow a system to exploit time-frequency resources efficiently through orthogonal chirp division multiplexing with low-complexity discrete Fourier transform (DFT)-based operations while increasing communication link distance and battery life.

Potential Applications:

The applications are any aeronautical communication devices found in drones or other small unmanned aircraft, or any power-limited communication devices such as internet-of-things (IoT) devices which need to remain small and lightweight with a smaller battery but have great communication ability. This invention allows IoT devices to transmit more information bits or transmit further distance.

Advantages and Benefits:

This invention increases battery life and communication link distance while maintaining low-complexity operations at both the transmitter and receiver. This invention provides reliable simultaneous transmission on different bands, e.g., L and C bands, without any power fluctuations.

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Systems and Methods for Reliable Chirp Transmissions and Multiplexing Utility United States 17/064,899 11,652,679 10/7/2020 5/16/2023   Published
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