Novel Boron Nitride-Supported Pt-Ir Catalysts for Reduction of SO3


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One of the most promising new technologies for green energy production is development of an economic method for the solar driven Hybrid Sulfur (HyS) process. The obstacle has been thermal instabilities of catalysts for the high temperature dissociation of SO3 to form SO2 and O2.


Invention Description:


This invention provides composition and methods directed to thermally stable catalyst systems, which display stable physical properties and/or stable catalytic properties after thermal pretreatment at temperatures in the range of 600 to 1000 degrees C. This includes catalyst systems that can be used in the hybrid sulfur cycle.


Potential Applications:


The hybrid sulfur cycle has long been an attractive option for generating H2 and O2 from H2O with no byproducts or consumption of hydrocarbon fuels. Heat sources for this process would come from focused solar energy using solar farms to focus sunlight on a reactor.


This invention uses a bimetallic, core-shell catalyst that is stable at the conditions required for this breakthrough technology. Removal of this limitation moves this technology closer to commercial application.


Advantages and Benefits:


This invention’s thermodynamic stability lowers rate and extent of sintering, which maintains catalytic activity of desired reactions at conditions of high temperature and/or chemical environment.


This provides the only viable catalyst and overall process for making hydrogen and oxygen from only water with no by-products or hydrocarbon fuel consumption.


Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Thermally Stable Porous Catalyst Systems and Methods to Produce the Same Utility United States 16/592,802 11,826,728-B2 10/4/2019 11/28/2023   Issued
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