Integrated and Automated Video/Structural Health Monitoring System


Reference #: 01353

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for an Integrated and Automated Video/Structural Health Monitoring System



It is critically important to understand the source of structural health monitoring data in bridges and other structures, particularly (but not limited to) acoustic emission data, as the cause of the data is often not understood. Automated manufacturing has provided specific improvements in certain instances in quality, accuracy, and precision, but also can produce some negative consequences such as errors during manufacturing becoming more likely to go unseen and undetected.


Invention Description:

The invention is an automated system for the correlation of vehicular loading with structural health monitoring data.


Potential Applications:

The invention is used to assess the structural condition of bridges and other structures for automated asset management of transportation systems.


Advantages and Benefits:

The causes of degradation to bridges and other structures are not well understood. In particular, the effect of traffic loading versus environmental loading is not understood. This invention will resolve these difficulties.

This approach is forward-looking and envisions full integration between autonomous vehicles and physical infrastructure for optimization of traffic patterns to enhance safety (i.e., re-routing of traffic) and to improve resiliency (i.e., autonomously controlling inter-vehicle spacing to minimize damage due to truck traffic on a bridge) while increasing accuracy and minimizing risk to workers and the public.


Patent Information:
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Integrated and Automated Video/Structural Health Monitoring System Utility United States 16/594,378 11,022,561 10/7/2019 6/1/2021   Issued
Integrated and Automated Video/Structural Health Monitoring System Continuation United States 17/205,672 11,614,410 3/18/2021 3/28/2023   Issued
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