Systems and Methods for Liquid Fuel Desulfurization


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For fuel cell power generators employed in military field deployment, the use of logistic fuels (such as diesel, JP-5, JP-8, etc.) as the primary energy source is highly desired due to the high energy densities, economics, and wide availability of these fuels. However, these fuels typically contain high concentrations of sulfur compounds (up to 3000 ppm) and, if not removed, they can cause severe poisoning and deactivation to solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) anodes, as well as fuel reformers. To avoid sulfur poisoning, reduction of sulfur in reformate to sub-ppm levels is generally required for SOFC-based generators.


Invention Description:

A portable reactor system, and a process for removing sulfur from liquid hydrocarbon fuel.


Potential Applications:

• Portable field deployment.


Advantages and Benefits:

• Portable desulfurization systems and methods would be available in a theater of operation and permit fuel cartridges to be filled and refilled from this supply while mobile.

• Any suitable liquid hydrocarbon fuel can be used in connection with the reactor.

• The system can be designed in batch operation or in continuous operation.





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