A Self-forming Membrane for High-flux and Selective Electrochemistry-based CO2 Capture


Reference #: 01268

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for a self-forming membrane for high-flux and selective electrochemistry-based CO2 capture.



Coal-fired and gas-fired power plants are the primary power suppliers of the modern society, as well as the primary CO2 emitter. The current CO2 capture technologies are too expensive and cumbersome to implement into existing power plants. The new membranes have potential to replace the existing technology for power plant CO2 capture with high efficiency and low cost. Given the performance level demonstrated, this low-cost and easy-to-fabricate membrane is superior to the conventional “size-sieving” inorganic and “dissolution-diffusion” organic counterparts, promising to be a very competitive technology for future advanced CO2 capture from flue gas.


Invention Description:

The purpose of this device is to capture CO2 from a flue gas emitted from fossil fueled power plants with low cost and high efficiency.


Potential Applications:

The new membranes invented are well suited to capture CO2 from flue gas emitted from fossil fueled power plants.

Advantages and Benefits:

This new membrane works by the electrochemical principle, so its performance is not limited by "permeability-selectivity" tradeoff (Robeson Bound). In addition, the capture process is a pass-through continuous process. The flux level is much higher than conventional organic and inorganic membranes. The membrane materials are also low cost.


Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
A Self-Forming Membrane for High Flux and Selective Electrochemistry-Based CO2 Capture Utility United States 15/975,807 10,814,270 5/10/2018 10/27/2020   Issued
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