Amine-Enhanced Graphene Oxide (GO) Membranes for CO2 Separation


Reference #: 01240

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for using a new advanced CO2 separation technology.



Amine absorption is the current benchmark technology for CO2 separation. However, this technology is energy intensive and costly. For example, when considering CO2 capture from flue gas in power plants, DOE/NETL systems analysis studies estimate that using a chemical absorption with an aqueous monoethanolamine system to capture 90% of the CO2 from flue gas will require an increase in the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) services by 75-85%. Therefore, it is important to develop new and advanced CO2 separation technologies in order to maintain cost-effectiveness.


Invention Description:

This invention is for a novel amine-enhanced graphene oxide (GO) membrane for CO2 separation, including CO2-capture from flue gas, natural gas, biogas, and other applications.


Potential Applications:

This GO-based membrane (with incorporated amines), is an effective CO2 carrier which can greatly enhance CO2 solubility and transport rate. It is especially effective under wet conditions and at elevated temperatures (>40 oC). It can efficiently separate CO2 from other inner gas molecules, such as N2 and CH4, with high CO2 permeance and high selectivity of CO2 over other components.


Advantages and Benefits:

1.       Graphene-based materials, such as graphene and GO, have been considered as promising membrane materials because they are only one carbon atom thick, and thus may form separation membranes to minimize transport resistance and maximize flux.

2.       Ideal membrane material for making the thinnest membranes for high permeance, high selectivity CO2 separation applications.

3.       Possesses good mechanical stability.

4.       Mechanically strong, hydrothermally stable (at 150°C), and chemically stable.


Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Graphene Oxide Coated Porous Hollow Fibrous Substrates for Carbon Dioxide Capture Nationalized PCT United States 16/494,955   9/17/2019     Published
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