Methodology/System for Reforming Liquid Fuel to Tailor Engine Combustion-Emissions



Reference #: 01156


The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for a methodology/system for reforming liquid fuel to tailor engine combustion-emissions. 




In compression ignited systems, the auto-ignition timing is inherently related to the chemical properties of the fuel charge and can also be controlled by the stratification of the charge. Controlling auto-ignition and burn rate for liquid- fueled reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) cycles by varying fuel properties on the fly would require complex dual storage of materials on the vehicle and/or the use of expensive additives. There are thus many occasions where only a single fuel supply that could be configured with means to vary its chemical properties dynamically to achieve a range of auto-ignition and burn rate chemical properties would be very desirable.


Invention Description:


The subject invention is a system and a set of methodologies that applies a number of techniques, individually and in concert to modify the auto-ignition propensity and burning rate characteristics of a portion or all of a single liquid fuel supply.


Potential Applications:


Can be used to develop new technologies that can produce specific chemical components that enhance the auto ignition properties of gasoline.  It is the vision of the inventors that high octane gasoline, especially those containing oxygenated species such as ethanol or butanols, can be plasma processed to produce peroxides, hydro peroxides, aldehydes, and ketones to accelerate auto ignition phenomena.


Advantages and Benefits:


1.       Has the potential to substantially reduce or eliminate NOx and particulate emission after-treatment requirements.


2.       The concept applied is such that fuel chemical properties supplied to the engine can be controlled in real time, thus permitting peak operating efficiency at minimum emissions to be attained over a desired load/speed range for the particular engine application. 

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