Distance Learning: Invention for Student Activities via Robotic Telepresence Interaction


Reference #: 01200

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for a telepresence invention for student activities via robotic telepresence interaction.


Telepresence involves the use of virtual reality technology for remote control of equipment or for virtual participation in an event a place other than their true location. It makes it possible for participants to feel as if they were present or otherwise to give the appearance of being present. The telepresence technology has application in a variety of industries, with distance learning being one of those with a wide range of prospects.

Invention Description:

Distance learning has become more prevalent in our educational bag of tricks. One major hurdle is how to effectively and efficiently administer a "hands-on" lab activity. This invention allows for a two way interaction with the pointing of the laser at different parts of the breadboard and circuit while advising though voice communication, with measurements communicated to the remote teacher. A typical use of this technology is a scenario where students are spread out in remote rural areas and a central instructor guides a large group of students at a distance, supervising them in the building of electronic circuits.

Potential Applications:

Provision of specialized quality educational hands on lab experiences at a distance. This invention adds a "4th dimension" of tactical response by pointing to where the student needs to bring attention to on their circuit.

Advantages and Benefits:

The big hurdle to distance learning is how to provide quality hands-on lab activity (such as electronics) found in traditional courses. This invention will allow the student/instructor to overcome that hurdle completely. When the goal of education is to provide quality educational experiences with cost being a constraint then this invention will tip that relationship in favor of the “more -quality” and “less-money” ratio. A lab instructor can be located in a distance learning center (that exist now) and still be able to use the telepresence technology to interact with students spread out over the world.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Distance Learning: Invention for Student Activities via Robotic Telepresence Interaction Utility United States 15/603,524 10,636,317 5/24/2017 4/28/2020   Issued
Automated Remote Learning Device And System For Using Same Continuation United States 16/829,091 11,074,825 3/25/2020 7/27/2021   Issued
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