Synthesis of an Iron Analog of a Zeolite


Reference #: 01101

The University of South Carolina is offering licensing opportunities for a new class of complete iron-based, zeolite analogs with three-dimensional frameworks.

Invention Description:

The subject invention represents the first examples of a zeolitic iron framework structure. These synthesized crystals are complete iron analogs of the basic zeolite known as sodalite. The presence of the transition element iron introduces electronic and magnetic properties to the iron-based zeolite crystal structure since the tetrahedral sites are all occupied by iron rather than by aluminum or silicon.

Potential Applications:

This technology has significant economical applications in catalysis and other areas where its electronic and magnetic properties are useful.

Advantages and Benefits:

1. The all iron-based framework exhibits a magnetic transition above room temperature, demonstrating the strong coupling of the iron cations

2. Potential to substitute other elements into the structure, thereby modifying and optimizing the properties of this material

3. Electronic and magnetic properties can be fine-turned


Zeolites are a vast, industrially relevant class of compounds traditionally comprised of an aluminosilicate framework with open spaces or cavities to allow water, ions, or gases to exchange or adsorb.

The series of compounds presented herein represent the first iron oxides prepared that exhibit a three dimensional framework analogous to that seen in sodalite. These iron-based zeolite crystal structures appear to be the first compound with iron tetrahedrally-coordinated in three dimensions in a framework analogous to a zeolite. Given the catalytic activity of the doped aluminosilicate variant, these new compounds are an exciting discovery that open the door to a broad array of future experiments.

Experimental Validation:

Preliminary magnetic studies indicate these compounds exhibit complex magnetic behavior over a broad range of temperatures.

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