Compositions of Degradable Salt-Responsive Copolymers


Reference #: 00974

Invention Description:

The subject invention is a method of making salt-responsive, water-dispersible, 100% biodegradable, cationic co-polymers and their applicability as binder compositions. The invention provides an entirely new approach to develop new binder compositions for personal care products such as baby diapers, incontinence products, tissues and wet wipes, and feminine hygiene products. Successful implementation of these polymers will enable replacement of some non-degradable acrylic polymers used as the standard today.

Advantages and Benefits:

The copolymers have excellent salt-responsiveness. These copolymers are 100% biodegradable, while most other salt-responsive polymers are non-degradable.

Potential Applications:

The biodegradability of our copolymers enables them for many applications especially in the personal care and biomedical field. Salt-responsive copolymers have applications in personal hygiene products such as wet tissues, which usually consist of a coherent fibrous web and a binder composition.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
DEGRADABLE POLYMERS, METHODS OF MAKING THE SAME, AND USES THEREOF Utility United States 13/390,001 8,809,466 6/28/2013 8/19/2014 6/28/2033  
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