Synthesis of a Highly Crystalline, Covalently Linked Porous Network


Reference #: 00558

Invention Description:

A covalently–linked, microporous, extended network with persistent pores has been synthesized and characterized. The synthesis is straight-forward without the need for the addition of any catalysts or reagents beyond the principle building blocks. The yields are good and the isolation facile. Spectral characterization has confirmed the bonding motif to generate infinite 2D porous sheets while PXRD was used to define the long range ordering of these sheets, such that atoms in adjacent layers lie directly over each other. This formation results in a hexagonal array of 1D, 18 nm pores. The resulting Covalent Porous Network (CPN) is thermally stable to 500 oC and using the BET model, the apparent surface area was determined to be 1350 m2/g, which corresponds to a micropore volume of 0.29 cm3/g.

Potential Applications:

There are many possible areas of use for this technology including gas storage, catalysis, and separations. The present invention is very fit for gas adsorption.

Advantages and Benefits:

This crystalline structure is highly ordered and is produced by a simple dehydration process without the need for addition of catalysts or other reagents. Unlike its metal-organic counterparts, these covalently bonded structures are generated with ease and with high efficiency and have enhanced stability. It also has a very large surface area in contrast to other porous materials.


Using infrared mass spectrometry and powder x-ray diffraction, the necessary compounds of the structure were present and the porous crystalline structure was verified.

Patent Information:
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Synthesis of a Highly Crystalline, Covalently Linked Porous Network Nationalized PCT United States 12/279,006 8,258,197 8/11/2008 9/4/2012 7/4/2028 Issued
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