Multi-dimensional Integrated Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS)


Reference #: 00681

Invention Description:

The present invention is a novel Multidimensional Integrated Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS) which leads to the development of robust, versatile, and inexpensive sensors based on a nano-structured graphite and/or Graphene functionalization layer that can be put very easily and economically on a variety of substrates. The system uniquely integrates potentiometric and capacitive detection techniques with the commonly used amperometric technique for highly sensitive, expedient, and accurate detection of target molecules.

Advantages and Benefits:

Traditional technologies such as ion-mobility spectrometers, gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers, and IR spectrometers exploit these physical properties to uniquely detect target molecules. In spite of the accuracy and reliability of these "physics-based" detection systems, they are more suitable for laboratory measurements rather than in-situ sensing, because of their larger dimensions, weight, power consumption, and cost. This new system uniquely identifies molecules based on extraction of novel orthogonal multi-dimensional signatures, with capability to analyze mixtures in real time. The system also significantly improves the response time, sensitivity, and false identification rate when the sensing paradigm is applied to existing systems such as the "Electronic Nose."

Potential Applications:

Accurate and expedient detection of target molecules (i.e. of chemical warfare agents, explosives, pollutant gases, etc.) is of paramount importance from the perspectives of defense, homeland security, counter-terrorism, and a large variety of industrial and civilian applications.


Testing revealed that is it possible to extract unique signatures of the molecules based on two and three-dimensional measurements. Also revealed was that the initial ratios can differ from the later ratios that are unique, and remain constant, which will be investigated further.

Patent Information:
Title App Type Country Serial No. Patent No. File Date Issued Date Expire Date Patent Status
Multidimensional Integrated Detection and Analysis System (MIDAS) Utility United States 12/187,845 8,236,569 8/7/2008 8/7/2012 4/29/2031 Issued
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