System to Reverse Engineer Computer Application Screens


Reference #: 00680

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Potential Applications:

Allows recreation of:

  • Legacy software

  • Software where the source code has been lost

  • Software where the source code is no longer compatible with modern programming languages

Advantages and Benefits:

Automates tedious recreation of a software’s user interface.

Invention Description:

The traditional approach to reverse engineering a software application focuses on the underlying logic instead of the user interface. Since the user interface is visual, reverse engineering is not technically necessary. However, it is very time consuming to recreate the many user interface screen in an application.

Dr. John Gerdes has developed a software solution to alleviate this problem. The software recreates the screens of a user interface providing the same sized objects in their corresponding location. The objects are functional – textboxes, buttons, dropdowns, check boxes, radio buttons, etc. This automates user interface recreation so that the application logic can be added.

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